Using FORMED to Integrate Home-Bound into Parish Life

Need: Integrate FORMED into Parish Life, especially with home-bound parishioners or stay-at-home parents that have a limited ability to attend small groups that take place within the parish. This idea came from Donna W. of Prospect Heights, IL, who says “One of...

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Lenten Book Study for Young Teens using Awakening

Need: Engage young readers in a community of faith and spiritually prepare them for the Triduum. Description: “I wanted to take a moment to recommend the book in the children’s section called Awakening. It’s more of a young reader that a...

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Investing in the Women in Our Lives

After completing True Beauty with her small discipleship group, Heather—a volunteer mentor from St. Paul, MN—organized a “Date Night” for the young women in her group and their mothers.  “We spent so much time talking about our dignity and womanhood,” said Heather,...

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Getting Creative with Sharing our Parish Access Code

Need: Find creative and varied ways to distribute the parish access code to parishioners Description: “We handed out cards to all attendees at our weekend masses and then followed up a couple weekends for those who may have missed it. We have a weekly Bulletin...

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Empowering Parents

Need: Help parents of students to register for FORMED so that they can continue faith formation in their homes Description: “I used session 4 of Forgiven with all of our program Rec classes and also showed it to the parents during the parent meeting and asked...

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A Parish Wide Study

Need: Engage the whole parish in faith formation Description: “In our work with parishes and dioceses, one of the best practices that has emerged is the parish wide study. We have seen when the spiritual fathers – shepherd of souls – personally invite the...

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Ideas for Promoting FORMED

Need: Get parishioners onto and using FORMED Description: “We found a few things worked well: 1. Going to meetings for various ministries (e.g. RCIA, 55+ Club, Catechists, etc) to promote formed and how they can use it. 2. Providing a weekly suggestion in the...

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Help everyone login

Need: Get parishioners registered Description: “We had a big push for it and had them bring their Iphones, tablets, etc in and we help everyone get logged in. Also, we have printed business cards with the login information on one side and put lines for them to...

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Best time to promote is Advent and Lent

Need: Increase membership Description: “Best time to promote in my opinion is Advent and Lent. Integrating with your parish website is a great way to slowly steadily build membership. Parish ambo announcements are helpful by the Pastor.” Result: “We...

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Doubled Registration by Targeting Specific Groups

Need: Increase registration of new users Description: “We have targeted specific groups and recommended what would be their interest, for example, to lectors: Opening the Word etc. Using flock notes, I sent an email to each ministry group: the lectors, the...

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