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My biggest take away from the weekend was getting to know the team of very dedicated, talented and Spirit-filled people that are deeply committed to the vision that Dr. Gray has for FORMED. It is exciting, in a small way, in my corner of the world and in my parish to be a part of that vision. Thank you to the team for an inspiring weekend!

Scott S

Thankful for the high tech expertise making this easy for the average Catholic. Thankful for your dedication to excellence on content.

Tina B

It was a wonderful experience. Gave me insight on the potential of FORMED and hope for the future of bringing Christ to others.

Tena A

Very inspirational-full of ideas to implement back at our parish.

Victoria L

The highlight of the Summit for me was the huge amount of support all of the staff offered. I have a (much needed) renewal of commitment… I am prepared to fight the good fight to evangelize because of my experience this weekend. Thank you all so very much!

Michelle H

I just want to thank you all at the AI for your vision and dedication to spreading the Gospel.

Diana V

Thank you for your commitment to evangelization and in growing the FORMED program as a tool (gem of the Church) to help us share our beautiful treasury of the Catholic Church, helping to form intentional disciples!

Kim J

Excellent and Spirit filled. God’s work in action.

Michelle H

What a great weekend we had at the Formed Leadership Conference… Great info, great breakouts, awesome keynotes, many new friends but the most amazing thing of the weekend was meeting the Formed development team. Without a doubt a team chosen by Christ “for such a time as this.” (Es 4:14)

Blessing to all the friends we met this weekend.

Alisa B

Formed is really transforming the world and this digital platform will help us all to spread the Gospel for Christ. “This is the work of the Lord; we marvel in it.

Jose V

Topics were all spot on and presenters were so on fire with the Holy Spirit.

Alisa B

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