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A Vision for Transformation
Dr. Tim Gray

In this keynote address, Dr. Gray offers a Scripturally-rich vision for the founding of FORMED. He illustrates, using the story of Ezekiel, St. Paul, and many others, how God brings great hope from the midst of hopeless and desolate situations, and applies this to the struggles that parish leaders face in the daily reality of parish life and how FORMED can offer new opportunities to respond to the call for a New Evangelization.

A Platform for the New Evangelization
Lou Reynolds

Lou Reynolds, the Managing Director of FORMED/Technology Platforms, outlines how technology is the new Roman Roads that must be utilized to the fullest extent to bring the Gospel to all nations. In this exciting talk, he traces the evolution of the FORMED platform over the last two years, reveals several long-awaited updates, and gives a vision for future updates and improvements to
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FORMED in Small Communities of Faith
Fr. Gregg Pedersen

Drawing from his own experiences in the small groups that transformed him from a fallen-away Methodist to a Catholic priest, Fr. Gregg Pedersen shares his vision for small group discipleship in a parish setting. He also shares the practical ways that this has been implemented in his own parish, Our Lady of the Valley in Windsor, CO.

A Parish without Walls
Dr. Edward Sri

In his stirring talk, Edward Sri speaks to the heart of the parish leader, outlining how Christ the Rabbi has come to teach us how true leadership is found in humility. He outlines some of the common spiritual challenges and weaknesses that are a daily reality in parish life, then offers the words of St. Therese of Lisieux as a consolation and inspiration: “You want to scale the mountain of sanctity? God is waiting for you in the valley of humility.”

Forming Intentional Disciples in a Digital Age
Katherine Coolidge, Catherine of Siena

Katherine Coolidge is the Called and Gifted Coordinator for the Catherine of Siena Institute, an apostolate that equips parishes to form lay disciples. Following the model of Sherry Weddell’s popular book “Forming Intentional Disciples,” Katherine discusses the nature of intentional discipleship and then outlines how FORMED can be a tool for parish workers to move parishioners through the “thresholds of conversion.”


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One Family Under God
Luis Soto

Many parishes that serve both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities feel as though they are running two separate parishes. Luis Soto, the Director of Parish Implementation and Hispanic Outreach for FORMED, speaks about how parishes can use programs in two languages to unite communities as” One Family Under God.”

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Capturing the Re-Evangelization Moment: Using FORMED in Sacramental Preparation
Lucas Pollice

In this breakout session, Associate Professor of Theology and Catechetics Lucas Pollice outlines how sacramental preparation is a golden opportunity to draw in and re-evangelize parents of children who are receiving the sacraments. He discusses the Augustine Institute’s sacramental prep programs, Reborn, Beloved, and Forgiven, and shows how each can be used to re-evangelize parents by showing them the compelling beauty and relevance of the Catholic faith.

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Tools for Evangelization
How the FORMED Dashboard Can Help Your Flock

Deacon Paul Zajac

Drawing inspiration from the saints, Chief Technology Officer Deacon Paul Zajac walks though the FORMED Admin Dashboard in this breakout session. He teaches parish leaders the many ways that you can use the features on FORMED to understand your parishioners’ viewing habits and better integrate FORMED into your parish’s online presence.

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Children’s Content
Claudia Cangilla McAdam

Claudia McAdam highlights the importance of handing down the faith to our children. She presents the wide-array of FORMED content that is available for all age groups, from tots to young adults. Claudia is an accomplished and award winning author and uses this background to present practical ways that parents and educators can utilize FORMED to bring the faith to children. As a bonus, you will hear about exciting new children’s content coming to FORMED.

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