Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession, is the latest addition to the Augustine Institute’s library of sacramental preparation programs. As a FORMED parish, all your parishioners now have access to all 9 sessions of the Parish Edition in English, along with corresponding guidebooks for Sessions 1–5.

Session 4: Biblical Foundations

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is founded on the powerful revelation of God’s love and mercy for his people throughout Scripture. God’s delegation of his authority to the priest in Confession is a continuation of the way God uses both angels and men in Scripture as his mediators.

Session 5: Answering Common Questions about Confession

Why do we confess our sins to a priest? Is this sacrament some arbitrary requirement or does it have an inner logic? The answer to these and many more questions about Confession begins and ends with love.

For Parents: Preparing Your Child for First Confession

Parents have a unique and irreplaceable role in catechizing their children. This session offers practical tips and strategies to encourage and empower parents as they help their children prepare for First Reconciliation. These tools go beyond sacrament preparation to help build a family culture of mercy and reconciliation.

For Catechists: Revealing Mercy in a Merciless World

Our world desperately needs mercy. This session will equip parish leaders to share the joy of God’s mercy. Make sure your parish gets the most out of the Forgiven series with this practical training.

For Parish Staff: Strategies on How to Promote Confession

Take the message of mercy out to the whole world with these strategies to help your parish reach as many people as possible with the good news of God’s love and forgiveness. This session will help you use Forgiven to encourage parishioners to encounter God in Confession, no matter how long they have been away.

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