• FORMED now called “FORMED On Demand”

  • New Market Offers Even More Great Catholic Media

FORMED is now FORMED On Demand!

There is so much great Catholic content continually being produced around the world; however, many starving souls will never come across any of it unless it is available in a single, convenient, and far-reaching platform.

We’re making the change to FORMED On Demand in order to make room for an exciting new addition: the FORMED Market, which will allow us to reach more people with more transformative Catholic content than ever before!

Here’s what this update means for you.

What is FORMED On Demand?

FORMED On Demand is a new name for the FORMED subscription that you are familiar with. As always, FORMED On Demand offers streaming access to the most inspiring Catholic studies, movies, audios, and ebooks, and new content will continue to be added to the platform regularly!

What’s Changing?

Now, when you visit formed.org, you will notice the first hints of this exciting update in the form of a new menu at the top of your page: On Demand, Library, and Market. This new menu allows you to navigate between the three spheres of FORMED.

What do the On Demand, Library, and Market tabs do?

On Demand is where subscribers view FORMED subscription content, including all the same instant access to the inspiring studies, movies, audios, and ebooks that FORMED users are familiar with.

Market is where users can browse an even larger set of digital content, some of which is available in the On Demand subscription, by type, subject, or author/speaker, and choose to purchase or rent items a la carte.

Library is where an individual’s Market rentals or purchases can be found. When videos, audios, ebooks, or studies are purchased or rented in the Market, that content will find a new home in the user’s Library, where it can be streamed or dowloaded to a mobile App.

On a mobile device, web users will notice the option to navigate between On Demand, Library, and Market when they click on the three bars in the upper right corner of their home page, as shown in the images below.

Why have a FORMED Market?

There is an ever-growing variety of amazing Catholic media being produced, but not all of this media is available for subscription delivery. Some content providers choose to make their newest content only available for purchase (think of the difference between what is available for purchase on iTunes vs. available for streaming on Netflix). Therefore, in an effort to offer our FORMED community access to the largest variety of great Catholic content, we have developed the FORMED Market, where we can offer all the best Catholic media in one place, for streaming or for download into the FORMED Apps.

In the Market, users will be able to browse a much larger set of Catholic studies, movies, audios, and ebooks than are currently available On Demand. These items are available for purchase or rent a la carte, so even individuals who do not have a FORMED On Demand Subscription may purchase or rent many of these inspiring resources. Therefore, with the Market, more people than ever before will have access to powerful Catholic media that transforms hearts and conforms minds to Jesus Christ.

What Does This Mean for Current FORMED Users?

When a current FORMED On Demand subscriber logs in to formed.org, they will return to the same home page, a familiar navigation process, and the same great content. The only change will be the addition of the Market and Library tabs, which will give them access to more inspiring Catholic content to explore.

When we initially launch, the Market will focus on a single offering: the opportunity for our FORMED On Demand subscribers to purchase a 6-month or 1-year FORMED Subscription for a loved one!

Give the Gift of Faith by sharing the beautiful truth of the Catholic faith with someone who is looking to grow their relationship with Christ or who has fallen away from the Church. A FORMED subscription is a gift that can turn the tide of a loved one’s life.

Stay tuned for a new library of inspiring Catholic media, coming to the FORMED Market soon!

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