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Providing youth ministry that is personal and effective is one of the most important and essential functions of a parish. This effort, however, is often one of the largest challenges confronting parishes of every size and region. YDisciple is a method of youth ministry created to meet the fundamental needs of adolescents: to be understood, to belong, to be transparent, to be challenged to think critically, and to be mentored.

YDisciple is the foremost youth ministry content on the FORMED platform, but it is much, much more than just videos. Whether you are a mega-parish with an already thriving youth ministry, if you are struggling to get even a few teens to show up, or if you are a parent looking for ways to keep your own teens engaged in the faith, we invite you to join us for an interactive webinar on how to get the most out of YDisciple with trench-tested strategies in small group discipleship.

January 25, 2:00 p.m. EST: A Closer Look at YDisciple

Understanding the Small Group Discipleship Philosophy

Hear from experts in the field of youth outreach who will answer your questions and share their insights about reaching the hearts of adolescents with the truth of Jesus Christ!

Annie Grandell, YDisciple

John Zimmer, FOCUS

Dan Driver, NET Ministries

Sean Dalton, YDisciple

Tony Vasinda, Project YM

Brad Bursa, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

“I can honestly say that after 11 years of ministry,YDisciple has revolutionized our ministry to young people. We have done almost everything to the book as YDisciple suggests and our numbers have exploded. We have double the number of teens regularly engaged in Discipleship Groups than ever showed up to youth group last year—including the teens who showed up to youth group only once. And this says nothing to the number and diversity of adults and parents in the parish who are now engaged in youth ministry. Beyond numbers, we are already seeing incredible fruit in parish engagement and commitment to prayer and the Sacraments.”

—Youth Minister, Minnesota

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