Registration is now open for the 2018 FORMED Leadership Summit!

Last year, FORMED leaders around the world were offered the unprecedented opportunity to meet in Denver to glean insight into our FORMED platform and learn valuable best practices, tools, and resources from our team of experts. The first of its kind, 2017’s FORMED Leadership Summit featured inspiring keynote addresses, relevant themes and discussions, and opportunities for fellowship among a diverse group of experienced leaders.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for the 2018 FORMED Leadership Summit, to be held on June 14-16 in Denver, CO.

Join our FORMED team and collaborative partners as they share their unique experiences and insight, helping you to integrate your ministry talents with the ever-evolving digital world. You’ll leave with a comprehensive understanding of FORMED’s wide array of leader tools and resources, in addition to a fresh look at your role serving within the Body of Christ.

The weekend will feature keynote addresses by some of FORMED’s most skilled and trusted associates on topics most affecting our Church today in the Digital Age. Attendees may also choose between breakout sessions focused on youth ministry, Hispanic outreach, family formation, and much more to gain tools for evangelization in their ministry’s unique context. Here, you will also have the chance to share your expertise and learn from your fellow leaders in focused discussions most relevant to your needs.

In keeping with our Christ-filled mission, opportunities for Holy Mass, adoration, and prayer are offered throughout the weekend schedule.


What past attendees say about FORMED Summit

Meet the Speakers

The most talented, innovative practitioners and experts in the Church today.

Dr. Tim Gray

President, Augustine Institute

Hilary Draftz

West Area Director, FOCUS

Dr. Edward Sri

Vice President of Mission, Augustine Institute

Fr. Brian Larkin

Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Parish, Denver, CO

Join us for this exciting opportunity to meet fellow leaders across the world in a time set apart for prayer, learning, and fellowship, united in the mission of evangelization across the “New Roman Roads” through the wealth of resources provided by our FORMED digital platform.


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