It’s that time of year again! For children, parents, and teachers, summer is rapidly coming to a close while the scent of freshly sharpened pencils hangs in the air. The first day of school welcomes a new dedication to learning and growing, and what can be more important to learn and grow in than in our Catholic faith?

In this endeavor, FORMED is an indispensable tool. Parents and teachers alike can use FORMED to supplement their students’ curriculum with resources that will strengthen the Catholic identity of their kids and school community. Here’s just a couple resources to get started:

1. Check out our Catholic Schools page (found under “Ministry Resources”) to view how FORMED can be used in schools for classroom presentations, homework assignments, and faith formation for school staff and families, as well as access ready-made assignments and samples to easily implement FORMED in the classroom!

2. Get further tips and inspiration from this FORMED Leader webinar:

The mission of Catholic Schools is to help students become saints. This webinar will focus on the ways FORMED can strengthen the Catholic identity of the school and engage parents to fulfill this mission.