Taking FORMED to the Next Level

As with any instrument, a subscription to FORMED will remain dormant, its efficacy unrealized, unless requisite leaders answer the call of service to allow this tool to flourish within their parish.

A rich resource with a wealth of content available to serve all avenues of ministry, FORMED’s impact grows when leaders are properly equipped with the necessary skills and training to bring its potential to reality in their own unique ministry environment. The secret to the greatest success stories on FORMED lies in how leaders employ its tools and resources in service to their individual ministry needs.

Something for Everyone

Are you new to FORMED, and excited to learn how to execute an effective launch in your parish?

Have you been using FORMED with great success, yet want to learn how to develop your knowledge, be the first to learn of upcoming features, and share best practices with other experienced leaders in your diocesan community?

Perhaps you’ve been using FORMED for some time, and now it seems you’ve hit a wall. You’d like to learn how to jump start your campaign, emboldening your parishioners toward the excellent content FORMED has to offer.

If you recognize your own experiences in any of these descriptions, you and fellow leaders within your diocese will greatly benefit from a day-long FORMED Leadership Seminar.

Why a FORMED Leadership Seminar?

Throughout the day, FORMED supplies the experts, leaders who themselves have years of familiarity with using FORMED for their varied ministry ends. They are on hand to highlight the most useful tricks of the trade for leaders, to showcase brand new and upcoming tools, and to demonstrate how FORMED can be custom-tailored to your own parish communities and ministries.

While parish leaders are well-versed in catechesis and evangelization, FORMED Leadership Seminars are essential for providing valuable instruction related to FORMED’s unique leadership tools. These include the “Dashboard” feature—as well as the newest addition, Custom Content—and a broad array of digital promotional techniques, all comprehensively outlined over the course of the day.

By sharing practical and proven methods of successful FORMED implementation, this series of talks and breakout sessions provides invaluable training to everyone using FORMED, whether you have been a member for years or are just getting started.

Who Can Attend a FORMED Leadership Seminar?

This day of training is designed for priests, deacons, catechetical leaders, coordinators of youth ministry, catechists, RCIA and sacramental preparation leaders, and key parish volunteers—anyone who is currently using or hopes to utilize FORMED resources for their ministry needs.

What Happens Throughout the Day?

Through key talks, our FORMED experts address the challenges of the New Evangelization today, and the necessity to utilize the new “Roman Roads” laid with the advent of the Digital Age. Through a proper understanding of the challenges facing today’s Church leaders, our speakers draw from their own years of ministry experience and familiarity with the FORMED ecosystem to identify the ways FORMED has been designed with the unique needs of our time in mind.

In addition, breakout sessions provide an opportunity to consider the particular needs of each leader, be it within Youth Ministry, RCIA and Adult Faith Formation, Small Groups, Sacramental Prep or Family Faith Formation. Leaders may choose to attend any one of these presentations to gain concrete best practices, learning how to utilize FORMED to its greatest potential.

What Do Leaders Say About Our Training?

Even having served as our parish’s FORMED administrator for nearly two years, the recent Diocesan Training event provided me with new ideas for the application and promotion of the ever-expanding resources.  I left the meeting inspired to re-discover the amazing avenues for discipleship building available in your programming.  In fact, I implemented some of the suggestions that very day! 

-Dorie M, Boston, MA

Coming to the FORMED training event was invigorating! The team really inspired us with great ideas to reach our parish and community. We also learned the specifics of where to locate the wonderful resources and tools that they have created for us. I am particularly excited to reach those sleeping Catholics who aren’t currently growing in their faith!

-Carrie M, Little Rock, AR

The people who came were thrilled to know how powerful a tool FORMED is for Evangelization. Now, when I go to parishes, I have the resources necessary (FORMED) for them to start the process of evangelization.

-Josue A, Trenton, NJ

How Can I Bring a FORMED Leadership Seminar to My Diocese?

We are happy to discuss bringing our unique parish leader training experiences to you.

Contact Dan Donaldson today at dan.donaldson@augustineinstitute.org to learn more about scheduling a FORMED Leadership Training Seminar in your diocese.