Every resource you need to implement Divine Mercy as a Parish-Wide Study

Engage your parish in a 10-session video-based study on formed.org. Divine Mercy is a beautiful presentation of God’s plan to win the trust of his people, including the ways he has worked through saints in the last century—including St. Faustina and St. John Paul II— to reach us today. Your community will be taken on a journey to encounter God’s Divine Mercy in a personal and profound way.

Promotional Resources

Begin preparing your implementation of this parish-wide study by choosing printable promotional materials to engage individuals in your community:

Note: These promotional resources include a space to enter your Custom Registration URL. If you have not yet created your Custom Registration URL, learn how here.

Prior to the start of the study, pique your parishioners’ interest with a pulpit pitch announcing the study, a parish article in your bulletin, and by showing the Divine Mercy trailer after Mass:

  Parish Article
  Pulpit Pitch
  Trailer on Vimeo

Engage your parishioners throughout the study and grow as one family under God by incorporating the theme of Divine Mercy every Sunday. Ask Father to preach on that week’s episode in his homily, and include reminders in your bulletin:

  Homily Talking Points
  Bulletin Blurbs

Discounted Participant Study Guides

Purchase the Divine Mercy participant guides at the discounted parish rate to help your parishioners go deeper each week!

Divine Mercy Guidebook (5-Pack)

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Why purchase physical copy guides?

Study Guides remain, and will always remain, free for download with your parish FORMED subscription. However, in an effort to make it even easier for your parish to utilize these fantastic materials, we offer extremely attractive prices on printed, full color Participant Study Guides for Augustine Institute Studio programs for all FORMED parishes. The prices are so attractive that most parishes will find that they can get a full color Participant Guide for about the same price as printing/copying in house without the hassle or labor involved.

Conclude the Divine Mercy study with a celebration for the whole parish!

Invite your parish family to a celebration where individuals have the opportunity to meet new people and share their experience encountering God’s mercy in the Divine Mercy study.

  Poster Pad
  Poster with Pad