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In the new FORMED MARKET, you will discover an expanded library of new video and audio programs not currently available with a FORMED On Demand subscription. Now you can easily access even more life-changing content!  All items are available to purchase or rent, so you can create a personal collection of your favorites like the Brother Francis video series, the acclaimed Augustine Institute Radio Theater Series, or an assortment of audio books from Ignatius Press. Stay tuned in coming weeks for the addition of a vast new collection of ebooks and study programs in the Market!

Why have both FORMED Market and FORMED On Demand?

With the creation of the FORMED Market, the FORMED subscription as we know it today is now called FORMED On Demand. While FORMED On Demand will continue to give you streamed access to great new media, many amazing resources cannot be made available on a subscription service due to contractual limitations, but can be made available for purchase or rent. So, to offer these faith-enriching resources to our users, we needed to create a new type of service. Additionally, through the creation of the Market, non-subscribers gain access to all the inspiring content on FORMED, meaning FORMED can help more people than ever before to grow in their faith.

Now You Can Purchase, Rent, & Download

Enjoy uninterrupted access to thousands of entertaining and inspiring audios, movies and study programs. Taking a flight? Bad wifi? Want to avoid cellular data charges? All purchases and rentals in your market library are available for download and playback using the FORMED Mobile apps (iOS today, Android coming soon). In addition, we are offering existing customers the ability to download and enjoy offline playback of On Demand content with a credit plan membership!

Become a Credit Plan Member and Save

Join one of the Credit Plan Memberships and enjoy significant savings on purchases in the market. There are a wide range of monthly and annual plans to fit every budget. Members also enjoy other benefits including Special Limited Time Offers that can be found on the Market homepage.  As a special bonus, our On Demand subscribers will get offline playback capabiity at no additional charge when they become a Credit Plan Member!

Frequently Asked Questions About the FORMED Market

What is FORMED On Demand?

FORMED On Demand is a new name for the FORMED subscription that you are familiar with. As always, FORMED On Demand offers streaming access to the most inspiring Catholic studies, movies, audios, and ebooks, and new content will continue to be added to the platform regularly!

What’s Changing?

Now, when you visit formed.org, you will notice the a new menu at the top of your page: On Demand, Library, and Market. This new menu allows you to navigate between the three spheres of FORMED.

What do the On Demand, Library, and Market tabs do?

On Demand is where subscribers view FORMED subscription content, including all the same instant access to the inspiring studies, movies, audios, and ebooks that FORMED users are familiar with.

Market is where users can browse an even larger set of digital content, some of which is available in the On Demand subscription, by type, subject, or author/speaker, and choose to purchase or rent items a la carte.

Library is where an individual’s Market rentals or purchases can be found. When videos, audios, ebooks, or studies are purchased or rented in the Market, that content will find a new home in the user’s Library, where it can be streamed or dowloaded to a mobile App.

On a mobile device, web users will notice the option to navigate between On Demand, Library, and Market when they click on the three bars in the upper right corner of their home page, as shown in the images below.

What Does This Mean for Current FORMED Users?

When a current FORMED On Demand subscriber logs in to formed.org, they will return to the same home page, a familiar navigation process, and the same great content. The only change will be the addition of the Market and Library tabs, which will give them access to more inspiring Catholic content to explore.