Run a Parish-Wide Study

One way to give your community the gift of FORMED is by running a parish-wide study.

A parish-wide study is meant to help Catholics build holy habits and become proactive in their own faith formation as individuals and families. By encouraging parishioners to take part in a parish-wide study, you empower the individuals and families to begin building these holy habits and learning their faith on a regular basis on FORMED.

Why Run a Parish-Wide Study?

Jesus teaches that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Sadly, the overwhelming majority of Catholics are spiritually starving because they do not have the habits of prayer, study and piety. These habits root Catholics into the life of the Church, so it should not surprise us that so many, especially the young, are drifting away.

Keys to an effective parish wide study are:

  1. Pastor’s involvement and personal invitation
  2. On-going reminders in the bulletin, announcements, and through personal invitations
  3. Delving into the study in homilies to help the community learn as one.

How to Run a Parish-Wide Study with FORMED

1. Choose a Study

Choose a study that fits the needs of your parish. We recommend that you begin with Presence: The Mystery of the EucharistSelect and download free printable materials that you’ll use to spread the word about the study in your parish.

Check out the Augustine Institute’s discounted study guides, specially priced for parishes with FORMED. Study guides are downloadable for FREE with a FORMED On Demand subscription and can be printed in-house, but many parishes prefer the ease and comparable cost of ordering discounted guides in bulk from the FORMED Market.

2. Extend an Invitation to Participate

Use your printed materials to spread the word in your bulletin, gathering space, and invite the whole community to take part through a pulpit pitch (found with the Parish-Wide Study Resources). Most importantly, extend personal invitations to families, small groups, and individuals.

3. Go Through the Study

Use the study’s Homily Talking Points (found with the Parish-Wide Study Resources) to continue delving into the study as a parish family every Sunday. Use social media, weekly announcements, your parish website, and your bulletin to remind parishioners to watch this week’s episode.
Create a FORMED Community discussion group for your parish-wide study in which participants can watch and discuss what they are learning right on FORMED. This added element provides a place of connection and an opportunity to share faith even beyond the parish walls.

Does your parish have a large Spanish-speaking community?

A parish-wide study can be an opportunity to unite your English-speaking and Spanish-speaking communities as one family under God. Strengthen ties within your parish by focusing on the same inspiring content, available in two languages.

To use a parish-wide study to build unity within your parish family, add step 4:

4. Celebrate as One Family Under God
Use the Poster shareable resource for each study to promote an event that will celebrate the end of the study and unite both communities in faith.