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Eucharistic Revival

Eucharistic Revival Parish Plan

The National Eucharistic Revival (2022-2025 and beyond) is a movement to restore our understanding of and devotion to the great mystery of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The Augustine Institute offers many resources to aid your parish in this effort.

Step 1:  Start promoting weekly content related to the Eucharist on FORMED in your bulletin, website, and social media through This Week On FORMED.  

    • Bulletin Inserts: Download PDFs of upcoming content.
    • This Week on FORMED: Receive an email weekly with Eucharistic Revival content suggestions.

Step 2: Engage parishioners with Parish-wide studies. Guide your parish with robust faith formation by utilizing the USCCB program “Jesus and the Eucharist” and Augustine Institute programs on FORMED.

We recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our FORMED Coaches to customize a path toward renewal in the Eucharist at your parish. FORMED Coaching | FORMED Leader Resources

Top Recommendations

“He who is all-knowing knew of nothing more that he could give than the Eucharist. He who is all-powerful could not do any more than he does in the sacrament and he who is all-loving had nothing more that He could give. The Eucharist is a Divine storehouse filled with every virtue.”

– St. Augustine

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Additional Recommendations

A book for you to share with everyone in your parish!

Reach everyone in your parish this year by giving them a book to kick off the Eucharistic Revival.

UPDATE: Bulk orders of Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist are sold out, but individual books are still available for purchase at Catholic Market.

Other books available for purchase in bulk are available at

Biblical Roots of the Eucharist:

“I am the living bread which came down from heaven; if
anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread which I shall give for the life of the world is my flesh.”

– Jn 6:51 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

“If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy.”

– St. Jean Vianney 


“Jesus waits for us in this sacrament of love. Let us be generous with our time in going to meet Him in adoration and in contemplation that is full of faith and ready to make reparation for the great faults and crimes of the world. May our adoration never cease.” 

— Pope St. John Paul II 


As the family goes, so goes the nation and the whole world.”

St. John Paul II 


Ah! how sweet was that first kiss of Jesus! It was a kiss of love; I felt that I was loved, and I said: “I love You, and I give myself to You forever!”

– St. Therese of Lisieux, reflecting on her First Holy Communion. 


“With all the strength of my soul I urge you young people to approach the Communion table as often as you can. Feed on this bread of angels whence you will draw all the energy you need to fight inner battles. Because true happiness, dear friends, does not consist in the pleasures of the world or in earthly things, but in peace of conscience, which we have only if we are pure in heart and mind.”

– Blessed Pier Giorgio Frasati 

Best Practices


Success Stories:



  • “So beautiful. Thank you for this! We need to be reminded of our Lord’s true presence in the Holy Eucharist. If we have him, we have it ALL.” – Alex M.
  • “Beautiful explanation about the Eucharist.” – Laura E.

Lectio: Eucharist

  • “A wonderful review of meanings I learned years ago. I really enjoyed the journey through time from beginning to end.” – Helen C.
  • “For me, this was the opening of my understanding of the Eucharist and the Mass. Dr. Brant Pitre was a delightful instructor—very, very knowledgeable about the materials covered in his presentation. Thank you for this eye-opening session.” – Rob C.


  • “Loved this so much.” – Kimberly R.
  • “What an act of pure love that Jesus has done for us.” – Todd Z.


Brother Francis: The Bread of Life

  • “Thank you. Perfect for my son.” – Yesenia B.
  • “Great resource for our religious education program!” – Ana P.
  • “I love it, and my kids do too.” – Shelby H.


True Worship with Fr. Mike Schmitz

  • “Thank you, Fr. Mike! This is the type of information all Catholics need to hear and understand about the Eucharist.” – Irene S.
  • “Fr. Mike, thank you from the depth of my heart for your very moving talk on the living Eucharist. I am saving this to listen to again and again.” – Francine D.