Promotional Parish Materials

Welcome to FORMED!

Here are some resources to help you launch and promote FORMED at your parish.


Four steps to get FORMED launched at your parish.


1. Introduce FORMED to Your Parish Staff

  • Host a “What is FORMED?” coaching session
  • Explain the vision and reasoning for using FORMED within your parish
  • Show how all ministries in parish can benefit from FORMED
  • Plan how FORMED will be used throughout the year

2. Prepare a Parish Launch Weekend

3. Get Parishioners Signed Up!

  • Begin sharing FORMED with the whole parish
  • Instruct parishioners at Mass and in individual ministries on how to sign-up
  • Invite parishioners to download the free FORMED app!
  • Print Signup Business Cards and/or FORMED promotional flyer with your parishioners via email, or print and include as a bulletin inserts

FORMED Registration Card PDF

FORMED tarjeta de registro PDF


Español ( PDF / JPEG)

4. Continue to Promote FORMED Throughout the Year

 Invite your parishioners to download the FORMED app!

Parishioners will first need to sign up for FORMED at before they will be able to log into the app.

There are 3 easy steps for parishioners to download the FORMED App.

1. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store(search: FORMED Catholic)

2. Download the app to your device (Note, you will need to register at before logging in to app)

3. Enjoy the content you want, where you want!

Parish Promotional Materials

Printable PDFs, Social Media images and videos, business cards, and parish website materials.

Email Signature or Website Banner

Use this image on your website or email signature.  Set the hyperlink to

Bulletin Materials

Pastor Letter

Share these letters to announce your parish’s FORMED subscription

Letter from the pastor to parishioners (English / Español)

Parent Letter

FORMED Parent Letter (English / Español)

Promotional Cards

Seasonal Materials on FORMED

Run a Parish-Wide Study using one of our Parish Programs!

Spanish Promotional Materials on FORMED

Full Page PDFs

Spanish Business Cards

FORMED tarjeta de registro PDF

Top 10 Movies on FORMED

Full Page PDF