Promote FORMED

Promotional Flyer

Share this promotional flyer for the new and improved FORMED with your parishioners via email, or print and include as a bulletin insert!

Download now – ENGLISH ( PDF / JPEG )
Download now – SPANISH ( PDF / JPEG)

Promotional Video Flyer

Instructional pdf on how to use the FORMED promotional video.

General Resources

FORMED Daily Flyer

Share this FORMED Daily flyer to get your parishioners in the habit of going to FORMED each day and enjoying its great content.


FORMED Promotional Flyer

Share this general FORMED promotional flyer to get your parishioners excited about FORMED.

Family Movie Night (English)

Let your parishioners know about all the incredible movie offerings for adults and kids on FORMED with this bulletin flyer.

Family Flyer (English)

From kids movies and programming to resources to help parents strengthen their families and pass on the faith, this flyer will give your parishioners a taste of the great content on FORMED they can enjoy to support their families.

Noche de película en familia (Spanish Family Movie Night)

Comparte en tu parroquia este flyer, acerca del increíble contenido de películas en español que tiene FORMED para toda la familia (adultos, jóvenes y niños).

Flyer Familiar (Spanish Family Flyer)

En FORMED encontrarás el mejor recurso católico como: programas de estudio bíblico, películas infantiles, audios y libros inspiracionales, que ayudarán a tu familia e hijos a acoger la belleza y maravillas de la fe católica.