Offer a Parish-Wide Study

One way to give your community the gift of FORMED is by running a Parish-Wide Study (full details here).

A Parish-Wide Study is meant to help Catholics build holy habits and become proactive in their own faith formation as individuals and families. By encouraging parishioners to take part in a parish-wide study, you empower the individuals and families to begin building these holy habits and learning their faith on a regular basis on FORMED.

Keys to an effective parish-wide study are:

  1. Pastor’s involvement and personal invitation
  2. On-going reminders in the bulletin, announcements, and through personal invitations
  3. Delving into the study in homilies to help the parish learn as one

Below are ideas and promotional materials to offer these video-based studies to everyone in your parish.

Description of Parish-Wide Study

Bilingual Parishes learn how to use studies to become One Parish Under God.

The Search

La Búsqueda

  • Ideas on how to use La Búsqueda in the Parish, links to purchase guides and all promotional materials here