Welcome to This Week on FORMED

We are excited to announce that “Pick of the Week” is now called “This Week on FORMED”. 

What is changing?

Not much—the biggest difference is simply the name. You still have the same resources to help you promote FORMED in your parish.

Why the change?

Both “Pick of the Week” and “This Week on FORMED” are two weekly offerings meant for the same purpose. Now, with the help of a new software tool, we fully integrated the two. FORMED offers the same downloadable and printable resources, now available at least six weeks in advance.

During the transition, you can still access “Pick of the Week” resources as usual through the end of September.

This Week on FORMED

“This Week on FORMED” is a weekly video designed to help Catholics learn more about FORMED’s content related to each week of the year.

It serves the needs of bulletin editors and directors of religious education, and it helps individual parishioners become familiar with great content on FORMED. We also carefully curate three selections from each weekly video to help you promote FORMED in the parish through bulletins, emails, or social media.

To use this tool, select the week you’d like to download and press the button of the desired content. To use the description only section, click the appropriate week, then copy and paste the description of the desired content.

To find this week’s featured content, visit watch.formed.org/this-week-on-formed.



We’d love to hear from you!  If you have any feedback/questions/issues concerning this new feature, please let us know here.

Full Page Downloads

  • The resources below are three pieces selected from the video offering and are great for bulletin inserts.
  • You can download the full page as a PDF or JPG.

Individual Content Downloads

  • The resources below are versions of the same three selections, separated into individual pieces and are great for promoting a single piece of content inside your bulletin.
  • These are available in two sizes: a wide JPG and a tall JPG.
  • A QR code is included that allows parishioners to scan your bulletin with their phones and go directly to the video or talk listed.
    • (Note: These JPGs should not be scaled any smaller than 1/4 page to keep the QR code at a minimum size of 2 x 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in). QR codes smaller than this will become blurry and unusable.)

Description Only

  • Just copy and paste the description of the video or talk and put it into your bulletins, emails, or social media posts.
    • Example: If you’d like to promote one video from This Week on FORMED over Facebook to your parishioners, just copy and paste the “Description Only” description and the link to the content (i.e. watch.formed.org/forgiven). An image should automatically appear to accompany the description and promote that week’s video!