FORMED Coaching

The FORMED Coaching session is a free service provided by the Augustine Institute to assist pastors, parish staff, ministry leaders and catechists in making the most of FORMED at the parish.  Our goal is to offer best practices in using FORMED in Sacramental Prep, Bible Studies and key ministry areas.   The session is a virtual meeting using Zoom that lasts 30-45 minutes.  The topics of the call include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Promotion of FORMED throughout the parish community 

  • 3 easy steps to plan an exciting FORMED launch (including Reverse Collection) 

  • Our most popular resources for ministry leaders and catechists 

  • Highly recommended content/FORMED favorites 

  • Powerfully engage both students and parents, especially for 1st Confession and 1st Holy Eucharist! 

  • Utilize FORMED for Marriage Preparation and Baptism Preparation 

  • Capture the hearts of Confirmation students (and parents!) 

  • Create community with AI Studies and small groups 

  • Grow in faith as a staff using AI Studies and Lighthouse Talks 

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FORMED Coaching Feedback Quotes

“The whole follow-up coaching session was very well received by our FORMED team. From introductions to the format, our 40 minutes session was well done.  All our questions were answered and next steps were addressed for moving forward with making FORMED a vital tool for our evangelization effort here at St. George. Thank you, for a great coaching session…. “   

St. George, Minnesota 

“The FORMED coach did a wonderful job of explaining many of the features in FORMED. She was very patient with me even though I am very “Low Tech.” She definitely has given me a very comprehensive overview of the available resources to help us parish leaders to better get the most out of this digital platform!”  

St. Isaac Jogues, Florida 

“FORMED will continue to be a major component of our OLL strategy to re-engage parishioners as a community of believers, but the main question is where to start. The FORMED coach was extremely helpful in providing guidance and pointing out that FORMED is designed to assist in sacramental preparation. She emphasized that process and accompaniment are key particularly in Baptism and Marriage preparation. Find the key people in the OLL parish who can assist me with this mission. Engage parents of Faith Formation children to go through both “Presence” and “Forgiven” as a requirement. The array of programs FORMED offers can be overwhelming and the coach provided me with helpful direction.” 

Our Lady of the Lake, New Jersey 

“…Exceptional FORMED coach. I appreciate her feedback and patience. Her knowledge always enlightens me. I am going to schedule a bilingual meeting with the Spanish Adult Formation Program leader and will be contacting our coach with specific available dates. Additionally, I will discuss other options with the pastor. Thanks for all your help and kindness. “  

St. Jerome, New York 

“The FORMED coach did a fantastic job explaining things to us and answering our questions.  
I have been wanting to offer Formed at our parish for over 6 years…So, we are all extremely excited that it is finally coming to fruition and, can see endless possibilities for faith formation! The coach gave me the confidence that, we will have good support as we launch and move forward. 
Thank you!!!”  St. Paul, IL 

“I appreciate being shown the new items available on Formed, and the encouragement to begin utilizing what is available. The FORMED coach was very positive and had many suggestions that I hope to follow through with. I would definitely like to begin using Formed content in a variety of ways within our parish in an attempt to bring about a renewal of life and activity on a parish level.” 

St. Anne, Arkansas 

“The FORMED coach was extremely helpful to me in navigating the Leaders section and giving pointers on how to implement the various platforms to accommodate and promote family catechesis. I’m looking forward to our next meeting in February!” 

Our Lady of Lourdes, Florida