Pathways for Parents

Holiness in the Home

Parents, we invite you to explore new ways to share the Catholic faith with your children through a learning tool called FORMED.  

FORMED is a premier online platform with over 4,000 Catholic studies, movies, cartoons, audio dramas, eBooks, and audio talks.  

  1. Subscribe for free at Signup.Formed.Org   
  2. Enter parish zip code. 
  3. Enter your name and email address. You’re in!  

Tip: Download the app! FORMED is available on Roku, Apple TV, Android, and IOS.

Below you will find our top recommendations for Parents. We pray that these resources will draw you and your children closer to our Lord and help you build more holy habits in your home. 

Note for Parents: These links contain resources for a wide range of ages. Please review for age appropriateness.

Family Prayer

Pray daily

Explore more ways to pray

Pray together as a family

Teach your children about prayer

Study the Bible

Celebrate Our Catholic Faith

Live out the faith in your home

Watch a movie together

Create story time for your kids

Read together

Grow in Faith as a Family

Learn about the Saints

Learn about the Mass

Learn on the go

Challenging Topics – Talk to Your Teens

Mental Health




Gender Theory




Drugs and Addiction



Conversion Stories

Conversion Stories

Questions about the Catholic Faith

Questions and Answers


Moms & Dads

Resources for Mom

Resources for Dad


Resources for parenting