Frequently Asked Questions

No. Signing up on FORMED has become a lot easier and parish codes and custom registration urls are no longer needed. Now parishioners just go to and find their parish to sign up for the first time.

No. Passwords are difficult and insecure. We've made it simple to access FORMED. After you have initially "signed up" and created your account, simply "sign in" to by entering your email. You will then need to check your email on the same device for an authentication email.  Going forward, as long as you don’t log out or clear your cookies, you will remain signed in.

It's easy with email authentication! First, you open your email account on the new device. Then open and select "sign in" in the top right. Then type in your email address and go check your email which will contain a new email with a button to click to confirm. And you're in! Watch tutorial video, here.

One of our FORMED Coaches would be happy to meet with you and the parish leadership team to show you how to get the most out of your FORMED subscription. Determine a time that works for your Pastor, FORMED Admin, DRE, AFF and any other key ministry leaders and then set your appointment on this link:

You can direct your parishioners to sign up at

Users have been asking for FORMED to be available on more devices and we’re excited to launch a host of new options! In addition to your web browser, iOS and Android, we now offer Roku.

Yes! You can connect to FORMED from your TV by using one of the devices listed above, or if they’re pre-built into your TV, such as Roku, you’re all set!

Yes! No internet? No problem! We’re excited to now offer offline playback to all FORMED users at no additional charge. Simply download the FORMED app on your portable device, find the content you want to watch offline, and download it to your device. Then watch it anywhere without Internet.

Yes! You can create a “My List” of all the great content you’re interested in and go back to it when you’re ready to watch. Once an item is added to your My List, it appears at the top of your main browse page.

Yes! These books are then permanently in your app.

The FORMED Admin can use the FORMED Admin Tool to see the names and emails of registered parishioners. See the FORMED Admin tab for more info.

Our improved search function will help you discover the content you are looking for, making it easier to find our programs, movies, e-books, and audios. Just click “SEARCH” from the menu bar and then type a title, a subject or a speaker/author you’re looking for.

Leaders Resources, tutorials, promotional materials and more is at

Tutorial video on how to find it, here.

All FORMED Daily Reflections are CC'd, in addition to some movies.

Here is a list.

ParishCare is happy to assist and can be contacted by email at or by phone at 844-367-6331.