The FORMED Admin Tool

The FORMED Admin Tool is the way FORMED Administrators can access and manage the FORMED users, update payment information and see key subscription information. The designated FORMED Admin simply logs in at to get started. 

With the FORMED Admin Tool, you have the ability to:

  • view or download the names and emails of registered users associated with your parish account
  • view your subscription status and
  • update your subscription payment methods.

Need some help with accessing the FORMED Admin tool? Check our video tutorials on how to login to the FORMED Admin Tool, how to view your users, and how to view and update your subscription information.

The data rules are changing

  • In updating FORMED in September 2019, to reach more people and better evangelize, we have had to revisit what information could be available to FORMED Admins.
  • Stricter standards around data privacy in select states, in the United States, and overseas, limit our ability to disclose end-user data to parishes. 
  • In addition, due to technical improvements we’ve made to enable FORMED on devices like ROKU, Chromecast, TVOS, etc.  making end user data available has become cost prohibitive.