Pathways for Parish Leaders

Religious Education and Schools

As catechists and Catholic school educators, you rely on programs and supplemental resources that provide your parish’s young people with solid faith formation. With a FORMED subscription, your parish and school have access to engaging content that is catechetically solid and professionally produced. FORMED media is available for classroom use or for families to view at home, with many programs offered in both English and Spanish.

The Augustine Institute provides a DRE Pathway below for making the most of the content available on FORMED that can serve your catechists and establish a solid foundation for your parish’s youth in their faith journeys. 


“A Powerful Evangelization Tool . . .”

“FORMED provides Catholics of all ages access to excellent Catholic resources. In a parish, school, or home setting—utilizing the best in current technology—FORMED becomes a powerful evangelization tool for the modern world.”

~ Bishop Gerard Bergie, Ontario, Canada ~


The Catholic Parent

Do you ever feel like it’s almost impossible to raise holy kids who love God (and sit still in Mass!) in our modern world? You’re not alone. This six-episode series features real Catholic families like yours sharing their daily struggles and victories. Created by the Augustine Institute and Catholic Sprouts, The Catholic Parent aims to encourage you as a mom or dad as you embrace your God-given role to form your family in the richness of the Catholic faith.

Watch the series with your spouse, with friends, on your own, or as part of a small group! The participant guide—coming January 15—includes questions for group discussion, topics for personal reflection, and ideas to try at home.

Want to share The Catholic Parent at your parish? Download the parish promotional flyer here.

Top Recommendations for Elementary School Students

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Top Recommendations for Middle School Students

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Top Recommendations for High School Students

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Best Practices

Easy-to-use, ongoing Homework Assignments

Assign every student FORMED homework weekly, monthly, or quarterly. See homework templates below. 


Homework Ideas for the Summer

Age 4-10

Tweens and Teens

16+ Teens

Grades K-2

Click Here

Grades 3-5

Click Here

Middle School Grades 6-8

Click Here

High School

Homework Ideas grades 9-10, here.

Talk of the Week Homework Idea for Teens, here.


Help your children and teens get the most out of Lent this year with some printable worksheets.

Lenten Journey for Kids

3 Week version
7 Week version

Lenten Journey for Teens

Version 1
Version 2

Teach parents how to access and use FORMED:  

Send home this parent letter (English / Spanish). During parent night or open house, ask parents to take out their phones and give them time to subscribe right then at Invite techie teens to assist during the parish meeting for service hours

For the School and Religious Education Classroom

  • Religion teachers can supplement their current curricula with the resources listed above.
  • Use the “Reverse Classroom” approach whereby you ask students to watch something at home and then discuss during class.
  • Use the Liturgical Calendar to find something on FORMED for any given day of the year.
  • Help students learn more about the great saints on their feast days by watching FORMED movies and/or cartoons throughout the school year.
  • Help students learn more about the Bible by

Enhance the Catholic Culture of your School

Staff Development/Team Building

Ongoing Formation for Parents/Staff

Additional curriculum to consider for your school or religious education program (sold separately): 

  • Why Believe: An advanced one-year high school curriculum. (Note that the Why Believe videos are available on FORMED today; however, the student and teacher books are sold separately.) 
  • Signs of Grace: First Communion and First Reconciliation and Restored Order Confirmation Preparation. The online option is also available for purchase. (Note that the Signs of Grace videos are available on FORMED today; however, the student and teacher books are sold separately.) 
  • Word of Life: K-8 Religion Curriculum (K-5 available; 6 grade coming in 2023.) 


Success Stories:


I am DRE at my parish and use Symbolon, Presence, Forgiven, and Beloved, among others, for my RCIA people and parts of Forgiven and Presence for my eighth and ninth graders. I can’t say enough about how much I use and how much I love the quality and integrity of what is taught in the programs. I think Beloved should be required for every Catholic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kathleen, DRE 

“Originally, just five of the 25 children in First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion preparation were attending Mass each week.  Now all of them attend with their families every week, thanks to FORMED and the Signs of Grace curriculum! They can’t wait to hear what Father has to say!”

Stacy, OR  

We successfully used The Search program during socially distanced in-person classes last fall with over 40 middle school and high school students in our parish, most of whom are preparing to receive the sacraments. . . . This program, especially The Search episodes, were very highly rated by the students in evaluation surveys!

Steve, VA, Catechist 

“They were given a break time and no one took a break. . . . They stayed and shared tears and joy!! The HOLY SPIRIT is so here . . . deeply grateful! Thank you!” In a second text she said: “Our Forgiven retreat is going beautifully. . . . GOD is forever faithful! So grateful for U, FORMED, and GOD!!” (After a Parent Retreat using Forgiven)

Kerry, IN 

“We have turned to for resources when forced to minimize in-person sessions. They are wonderful! . . . We are currently using both the Forgiven and Presence series for the parents of our sacramental prep students.  I have also searched for videos on specific topics for our Confirmation candidates and their sponsors to use. And finally, I have sourced the children’s section and specific videos as they related to our curriculum for our family catechesis families. is much easier to search than the deep, dark Internet! I am grateful that our parish is a member of FORMED!”

Melissa, WI 

“I totally love all of the material on and the work of the Augustine Institute. It is so good to have, and I am trying to spread the word about it as much as possible!! Thank you for all your great work!”

Lisa, Catechist 

What’s Your Story?

Tell us your experience with using FORMED resources