Why are we here? What’s life all about? 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the depth of our faith that we forget what it was like to first wrestle with the big questions – Who am I? What am I searching for? What’s our shared story? Who is Jesus? Why do we need a Church? Is there a God? We all need to get back to the basics to make sure the foundation is strong.

We are excited to introduce The Search, a new seven part Augustine Institute Original Series with the goal of lighting that first fire in those who don’t yet know the faith or reigniting the fire in those who need a primer on the foundational questions. The Search is now on all Parish FORMED subscription at no additional chargehere.






Don’t go through The Search alone. It is most powerfully experienced when discussed with others.

The Search Parish Guide will help a group discuss and begin to share deeply. It will also help participants become future leaders so The Search multiplies in your community. 

A Men’s Small Group Guide and Women’s Small Group Guide are available for men’s and women’s groups that have already been meeting together.





Share Teasers from The Search for each episode.

Download images below to share on your social media channels, within emails, or on your parish website and link images to https://watch.formed.org/the-search-1.

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100 Quotes on The Search, here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I view "The Search"?

The Search videos are available to parishes on FORMED. Guides are available here.

How do I buy "The Search"?
Parishes may subscribe to FORMED, here, and share The Search through their FORMED subscription with everyone in the parish. Parishes may also purchase DVDs or Blu-rays to view The Search, here. Individual’s whose parish does not have a FORMED subscription may purchase all 7 episodes of The Search and own the streaming for $34.95. The ownership resides on the FORMED platform and is available through TVOD streaming. In addition to the 7 episodes, there will also be “After the Search” bonus videos included.  Visit: https://watch.formed.org/products 
Will "The Search" be available on DVD?
DVDs and Blu-ray are available for pre-order, here and should be available to ship early September 2020.
Can the individual streaming ownership be used in a classroom setting?
No, the TVOD ownership of The Search is for Individuals. 
Will "The Search" be available in Spanish?

Yes. The Search in Spanish, La Búsqueda is now available on FORMED, DVDs and Blu-rays. 

What other products are planned for "The Search"?

The Search Parish Participant Guides are available for here.

Guides for Men’s groups and Women’s groups are also available. These will be available in both English and Spanish.

The Search Journal is designed to accompany The Search video series with personal reflections.

The Search Book by Chris Stefanick and Paul McCusker is the perfect accompaniment to The Search video series.