Ways to Implement FORMED



Catholic School

Use FORMED in the Classroom/Reverse Classroom

Here are several ways to supplement your curriculum with FORMED.

Use the search engine on FORMED to find content by subject. FORMED has a powerful search engine, put in any topic, key word, speaker, or author. Some search words could be:

  • Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Mary, The Saints 
  • Apologetics, The Bible 
  • Conversion Stories 
  • Divine Mercy, Easter, Christmas 
  • Sacraments, Eucharist, Baptism, Confession, Confirmation 
  • Chastity, Pro Life 
  • Parenting, Prayer 

Use the School at Home on FORMED includes:

  •  Why Believe?, an excellent high school apologetics course
  • Videos and discussion sheets by YDisciple for parents and teens
  • Short introductory Signs of Grace videos for children which can be used as a fun way to start the class



Use the Reverse Classroom idea and offer ongoing assignments that can be done at home.  

See some sample homework assignments by grade below


Grades K-2

Click Here

Grades 3-5

Click Here

Middle School Grades 6-8

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Ideas for the Famiy

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Audio Dramas

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Teach Parents how to subscribe to FORMED

The beginning of the school or Religious Ed year is a great time to teach parents how to subscribe to FORMED.

  • Use a FORMED Parent Letter similar to this with written instructions how to subscribe and also how to download the FORMED app.
  • Invite techy teens to assist during the parish meeting for service hours.
  • Give parents 2-3 FORMED content suggestions to add to ‘My List’ for easy access later.




Learning with Faith

Bring the Bible into the classroom or home.


Pray together for our church and for the world.

First Holy Communion